Early Spring application for prevention of crabgrass. Kills crabgrass before it has a chance to emerge and choke out desirable grasses

Organic option for light weed control

A non selective herbicide is applied to areas where no growth of weeds or grass is desired. Typically applied for control in cracks on hard surfaces or larger open areas in landscape beds.

Organic Applications

An analysis is done and applications are mixed on site for weed specific control. Can be done as single applications or supplemented as needed to a fertilizer program.

​​Broadleaf Control

​​Winter Fertilizer

Early Spring application to provide quicker green up and nutrients to help the turf recover from Winter stress

Late Spring application generally focused on dandelion control and other broadleaf weeds. Also contains a light fertilizer for continued nutrition

Broadleaf Control

Spring Fertilizer

​​​Round Up

Weed Specific Applications

Corn Gluten

Crabgrass Preventer

Round Up Services

Weed Control and Fertilizing


As needed to help loosen soil and allow for better penetration of water and nutrients

As needed a non selective application to control undesired growth in landscape beds or hard surface areas

Early Summer Fertilizer

Early Summer application for continued nutrition, encouraged blade growth and thickening

Fall application focused on encouraging the root system to store nutrients for the upcoming Winter. Helps for a quicker green up in Spring

An alternative to traditional controls. Great results for green lawns with minimal need for weed control. Child and pet friendly applications are applied monthly April thru October.


As needed to help balance the ph of the soil. Neutralizes urine spots and preps the soil for repair of brown spots

Late Summer Fertilizer

Late Summer application for continued nutrition and growth as lawns become stressed with the Summer heat

Full 7 Application Program​​ 

Early Summer application focused on additional weeds that may emerge as the temperature warms. May be done in conjunction with the early or late Summer fertilizer application


Our most complete fertilizing and weed control program comes with a weed free guarantee. Includes crabgrass preventer, broadleaf weed control and fertilizing. Typically applied monthly April thru October.

Uptown Lawn and Snow